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educational EVIDENCE «eE»- is a digital media outlet that publishes news, research, data and studies related to the education sector. Edited by the Fundación Episteme, based in Barcelona, it is written in Spanish, Catalan and English and targets a national and international audience through informative journalism under a free Creative Commons licence. This allows its articles to be reproduced without any modification in any digital or paper format by other media outlets, websites or platforms, always indicating the eE original source.

With a strong European focus, this publication also aims to highlight the impact of a particular educational model on other crucial aspects of European reality, such as science, humanities, technology and politics; all of which are decisive for the progress and prosperity of the states and their citizens. Thus, the illustrated model, which allowed for universal education development, is not abandoned in our times and can find a place within the undeniable advances in any society.

It counts on the collaboration of Professors de Secundària (aspepc·sps), Critical Observatory of Educational Reality (OCRE), and the Associació de Catedràtics d’Ensenyaments Secundaris (ACESC). Since its creation, it has been open to public and private collaborations from entities, organizations, institutions, companies, research centres, universities, etc.


Editorial Board Members:

Francisco López Rupérez. PhD in Physics. He is currently the director of the Chair on Educational Policies at the University Camilo José Cela.

António de Bivar Weinholtz. PhD in Mathematics. Member of the scientific coordination team and co-author of the Portuguese National Curriculum of Mathematics (2013 and 2014).

Felipe de Vicente Algueró. Degree in Philosophy. PhD in History.

Xavier Massó Aguadé. Degree in Philosophy and Educational Sciences and in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Eva Serra Sánchez. Degree in Information Sciences (Journalism).

Josep Otón Catalán. Degree in Geography and History. PhD in History.

Ignasi Fernández Daroca. Degree in Law. Degree in Anglo-Germanic philology.

Santiago Herrero Gea. Degree in Geography and History.


Editorial contacts:

Eva Serra Sánchez, Director. Email:  e.serra@educationalevidence.com

Andreu Navarra, Chief Editor of the Humanities section. Email: a.navarra@educationalevidence.com

David Rabadà, Chief Editor of the Science section. Email: d.rabada@educationalevidence.com

Francesc Gassó, Educational systems. Curricula.

Mayte Taléns, translation manager. Email: m.talens@educationalevidence.com

General Email: info@educationalevidence.com



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